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  • What we are proud of and that we believe makes us unique is our team– by using the latest fitness methods and techniques, the coaches at Orange Fitness motivate club members to achieve their goals.


    What we are most proud of is our team of professionals which use the newest fitness methods and techniques in order to stay in shape. The trainers in Orange Fitness motivate club members to improve their mental and physical health and achieve their goals.

  • The club of Orange Fitness delivers unique premium class service – a combination of innovative fitness programs, state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment and a highly qualified team of professionals.



  • We are aware of how difficult it is to start and become consistent in training, as well as that sometimes all this can seem too difficult, unattainable or boring.

  • We also know that each person has their own requirements and goals they strive for. That is why, at Orange Fitness, we offer an individual approach to each client, aiming to understand what encourages them and to keep this motivation constant.

  • Our members are at the heart of everything we do, with their good physical health and high spirits being our priority. We are constantly striving to improve the service we offer so as to ensure they receive the needed support to achieve their goals.

  • The club of Orange Fitness embodies professionalism, commitment to achieving results and the highest level of service. 

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  • Rehabilitation fitness is a modern form of physical rehabilitation to restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system. By this methodology, the impact is achieved by applying different forms and means of Remedial Gymnastics, traditional functional fitness and myofascial release. 


    You will see positive changes in your body even after the first training session. You will feel your body like brand new - with more freedom of movement and without any pain. Due to the remodulation of your whole musculoskeletal system you will change your movement stereotype, your muscle morphology and will improve the innervation and condition of your joints. This will help you improve the overall quality of yourself as well as your family and friends.

    Do not postpone your meeting with a competent specialist who will assist you to get your body back to the active and healthy lifestyle.



  • Every employee shares the opinion that sports activities show positive influence on the overall condition of the organism. Since sports activities are a part of their everyday life they feel much less fatigue, even when they have increased physical and mental stress in their work place. I highly suggest a membership in Orange Fitness to all executives that are concerned for the performance and productivity of their employees.    
    Julia Radeva, Dentaprime
  • I am here since the very beginning of the club, I trust the team of the best specialists and feel in the greatest shape of my life. I found spiritual harmony and balance and my physical health increased. For me Orange Fitness is a family, where I made even the strongest friendships!    
    Iskra Queen, Manager
  • The best place in Sofia,Bulgaria. An amazing team of specialist that can help you to love swimming.!    
    Svetoslav Sotirov, Manager
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