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Squash is one of the fastest developing sports in the world. It is an effective and attractive form of activity that improves the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increases the flexibility and strengthens the muscles of the whole body. It wonderfully trains and develops coordination of movements, tactical thinking and speed of reaction. Only thirty minutes are enough to exert and warm the whole body up. For one hour of intense playing, more than 1000 calories are burned – more than in boxing, rowing, tennis, gymnastics, swimming or cycling. For comparison, tennis burns 400 calories. The game moment in squash (85-90%) exceeds several times the one in tennis (25-30%).



Squash until 16:00pm. 25,00
Squash 17:00-22:00; weekend 30,00
Squash until 17:00 – package of 10 225,00
Squash 17:00-22:00; weekend – package of 10 270,00
Renting two rackets + ball 12,00
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