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The beneficial effect of the sauna on the human body is widely known. Visiting a sauna or steam bath after a workout helps to enhance the effect of the exercise. The body is released from toxins, blood circulation is stimulated, immunity is strengthened.

The Orange Fitness clubs have not only the traditional Finnish saunas, but also their modern and even more useful alternative – Infrared saunas. In addition to being more gentle on the body, infrared saunas help to save time, as the body heats up significantly faster. Another wonderful option for relaxing and cleansing the body is the combined Turkish and steam bath, which will also become your favourite place.


Who wouldn't want to relax after a hard day at work or an intense workout in a pleasant environment and leave it in the magical hands of experienced masseurs? 

Massages are not only a pleasure for the body, but also truly useful procedures – a comprehensive therapy that influences both the body and the psyche. It helps to cope with fatigue, pain, stress, and if necessary, tones the body and increases performance. 



Massages Price/BGN
Full body classic(Swedish) massage – 90 min. 110,00
Full body classic (Swedish) massage – 50 min. 80,00
Part body classic (Swedish) massage – 30 min. 45,00
Full body sport (Deep tissue) massage – 90 min. 120,00
Full body sport (Deep tissue) massage– 50 min. 90,00
Part body sport (Deep tissue) massage – 30 min. 50,00
Aromatherapy (Massage with eterical oils)  – 50 min. 90,00
Hot stone massage (Volcanic stones) – 60 min. 100,00
Hot stone massage (Volcanic stones) – 90 min. 130,00
Anti-cellulite massage – 45 min. 75,00
Reflexology Foot Massage – 20 min. 35,00
Indian Head (Head and neck massage) – 20 мин. 35,00
Taylor Made (combination of different kinds) – 60 min. 110,00
Taylor Made (combination of different kinds) – 90 min. 140,00
Package of massages - Full body classic - 10 720,00
Package of massages - Anti-cellulite - 10  675,00
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